Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Words that Take You to True

The Little Dictionary for Grid Freedom

Corporatization – the real agenda behind the process described as privatization.

GridBanks – The Big Banks that print their own money so they can pass on those counterfeit funds for our blood, sweat and tears.

GridCorps – The corporations who depend on government to keep us locked in place to be bled dry.

NeoLibertarians – People who ooze the rhetoric of freedom for the purpose to deceiving for their own profit. Example: Edward H. Crane, III.

NeoPundits – Political pundits placed and paid by the NeoCons to insert disinformation. Example: John Fund.

Spamchild – An online organization intended to divert attention from what is really happening by creating the perception that people actually agree with that viewpoint. Or to divert efforts at reform by preventing reform from happening. Examples: Fair Tax and The Liberty Committee.

Privatization – A formerly respectable idea that originated with Dr. Robert Poole of Reason Foundation that was stolen and genetically to become converting publicly held assets into the property of corporations. Example: The sale of the airways by Kevin Martin of the FCC